Thursday, June 27, 2013

june 2013.

Exciting things have been happening in my beautiful life.
Most exciting is Jeff's graduation from Southern Utah University!!

{My parents, his parents, and my grandpa all got him a gun together for his graduation gift! but he still has not gone out to shoot it yet :( poor boy}
He then got a JOB at West land Construction!!! Yippeee!! (:
So he packed up and moved out of Cedar [leaving Dani, Nala, and I]
and moved in with my parents in West Jordan so he could start working.

Dani and I spent our time packing up the house, and being super bored out of our brains until Jeff came back down and helped us pack the moving truck... 
He then took the truck and Nala and went back to West Jordan.

The next day Dani and I packed up our little car and moved to Ephraim, Utah to start a summer semester at Snow College.

Because we didn't have any time to go and look for an apartment, we just call a random one and told her we were moving in! The apartment we moved into has a lot of bug and it the worst apartment I have ever had to live in. But honestly it is not bad, which make me feel incredibly blessed that I have lived such a privileged life.

Jeff would come down on the weekends and we would go on fun adventures together and remember how simple and great life is when you live in Ephraim.

[We may or may not of gone and got these for dinner every time he came to town]

Because Jeff was planning on being down here every weekend, we moved our records to the Ephraim married ward. Our first week in our new ward they asked all the married couples to take a turn sleeping on the temple grounds to be on temple guard/duty after the Manti Miracle Pageant.
It was such a crazy awesome once in a life time experience, so of course my family came down and slept there with us! It was such a awesome experience
{we may or may not have rolled down the hill at one in the morning}

Dani and I spent most of our time this month hiking with our plant taxonomy class.
[Here are a few of our adventures]

After our hikes we would go back to the school and press all of the plants we had collected....

This week was our finals week so we took all of our pressed plants and mounted, labeled, and sorted all 280+ plants!

It took FOREVER!! But luckily for me my cousin Amelia was staying with us and she helped me SOOOO much!!!
{this is her, she is so beautiful!!}

 Other than collecting plants we didn't do much with our lives. 
I listened to Dani practice this...

Laughed a lot at her sunburn...

and watched a LOT of teen mom 2...

Thank heaven the semester is over so I can get a life again....
and live with my hubba's again!

Until next time.

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